We used our 25 years of knowledge and experience from the supplement industry, and combined that with our passion for gaming to create the absolute best formula for gamers available.  With our knowledge, and the help of a pro gamer, we created a product that  we believe, will take anybody to the next level, whether it’s gaming, coding, studying, or any activity requiring enhance energy, focus, and concentration.

What is RCADE?  RCADE is a gaming catalyst to enhance energy, focus, concentration, and eye health.

Who should drink RCADE?  Anyone looking to increase productivity, have higher energy levels, or enhance their concentration, and focus.

When should you take RCADE?  Take RCADE roughly 30 minutes before your activity.  

Why should you take RCADE? You should take RCADE because you want to be a bad ass and dominate whatever you are doing, even if it’s reading your favorite book.  RCADE is more than just energy, but also vision support, electrolytes, and hydration all while having ZERO CRASH!!


"This stuff tastes great and actually works"


"Best Gaming Supplement . Period"


"I finally cleared level 10 in Farmville"